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Rice-Duck Farming Rice Cracker


Rice-Duck Farming Rice Cracker /made in China

Nutrinini Rice-Duck Farming Rice Cracker Suitable for babies more than 6 months. With Rice-Duck farming rice and high quality ingredient oat, vegetables, cherry, raspberry, blue berry materials without sugar milk and salt, exclusive baking technology, easy melting in mouth.

What is Rice-duck farming Good for young babies more than 6M Made in China Hebei Rice-duck farming is an integrated type of farming technology. In this type of farming technology, ducks are released in the field after 10-20 days of rice transplantation till the time of flowering. The integration of ducks in rice field creates symbiotic relationship between rice and ducks yielding mutual benefits to both. Ducks eat harmful insects and weeds averting the use of chemical pesticides and manual weeding in the rice field.Ducks gets nutritious diet from eating insects and weeds in rice field.The droplets of ducks acts as a natural fertilizer to the rice crop preventing the use of chemical fertilizers. Rice-duck technology causes the reduction of emission of methane gas from rice field contributing to reduce the global warming.

Rice Cracker Vegetables

Rice powder, Starch, Pear Juice, Integrated vegetable powder (Spinach powder, cabbage powder , carrot powder)

Rice Cracker Oat

Rice powder, Starch , Pear Juice, Oat powder

Rice Cracker Original

Rice powder, Starch, Pear Juice

Rice Cracker Blueberry

Rice powder, Starch, apple Juice, Blueberry powder.

Rice Cracker Cherry & Raspberry

Rice powder, Starch , apple Juice, cherry powder , raspberry powder.