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Smile noodles

Smile noodles Smile noodles with pumpkin Smile noodles with spinach Smile noodles with tomato carrot  5/5 Nutrinini Smile noodles Normally salt will be added to materials to make noodles and such noodles contain higher sodium and this is no good for young child. Nutrinini specially design and develop salt-free Somen series for little child. … Read more

Finger Biscuits: Baby-led Weaning Biscuits

 5/5 Nutrinini Baby cookies with mineral Iron Nutrinini Baby cookies with mineral Iron is developed for Baby’s BLW. These are suitable more than 8 months babies. Selected Ingredients flour, butter, Natural Yeast, cheddar cheese, Brown sugar. WHAT IS BLW? BLW practice helps baby’s developing of the mouth muscles and enhances the language ability. By … Read more


 5/5 Wow Wow Rice Puff Made in Thailand Apple Rice Puffs Veggies Rice Puffs Nutrinini chooses one of the special varieties of Thailand, jasmine red brown rice, which is rich in aroma and nutritive value. Wow Wow rice puff contains high quality redient Quinoa and various vegetable and fruit with probiotics. Can be snack … Read more