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Nutrinini Original Roasted seaweed

 5/5 Nutrinini Original Roasted seaweed Nutrinini Grilled Seaweed Choose high-quality seaweed from the non-polluted seas that are harvested in the current season, combined with high-altitude natural rose salt, and high temperature to produce crispy, delicious and nutritious crispy Nini roasted seaweed. Low content of sodium, combined with sesame oil to bake It’s not greasy … Read more

Nutrinini Rice Cracker

Rice Cracker Rice Cracker with seaweed Rice Cracker with cheese Rice Cracker  5/5 Nutrinini Rice Cracker EASY MELTING IN MOUTH Good for young babies more than 6M Taiwan’s Huadong Chihshang township features the green massif of the Hualien-Taitung Longitudi-nal Valley. Back in the age of Japanese coloniza-tion, Chihshang rice was the tribute to offer … Read more

Nntrinini Rice stick

Rice stick

Rice stick with banana and strawberry Rice stick with blueberry Rice stick with apple and beetroot Rice stick  5/5 Nnutrinini Rice stick ● Ingredients only rice ● Without any addition ● Non – genetically modified rice used ● Natural juice   Nutrinini Rice stick with banana and strawberryIngredients: Rice, brown rice, banana puree, concentrated … Read more