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Nutrinini Roasted Seaweed

 5/5 Nutrinini Roasted Seaweed Nutrinini Choose high-quality seaweed from the unpolluted sea areas. High temperature to make crispy and delicious roasted seaweed. Natural crispy seaweed go with rose salt, low content of sodium, black sesame oil to make perfect match. Seaweed, Canola Oil, Seasame Oil, Pink s, Vitamin E.


 5/5 Seaweed Fun –Good for young child bigger than 15M Seaweed is a star food in the algae family, containing high protein ,carrots, as well as a variety of vitamins and minerals and soluble fiber. Use high protein fish paste and baking crisp seaweed. Ingredient contains different nuts, Seeds, Ireland’s pollution-free Atlantic red algae … Read more SEAWEED FUN

First Class Airplane Biscuit

 5/5 First Class Airplane Biscuit EAT, PLAY AND HAVE FUN Made in Taiwan Nutrinini Airplane Biscuit materials strictly selection flour, butter, milk powder, All series used natural vegetable materials added calcium, iron, vitamin B1., no preservative, no artificial flavors. Playing and eating enjoy good time together.Giving the most imagination, laughter and health. Every bite … Read more First Class Airplane Biscuit

Nutrinini Somen

 5/5 Nutrinini Somen Series Normally salt will be added to materials to make noodles and such noodles contain higher sodium and this is no good for young child. Nutrinini specially design and develop salt-free Somen series for little child. The series noodles ingredient contains vegetables carrot, pumpkin, spinach , purple sweet potato  for better … Read more Nutrinini Somen

Finger Biscuits: Baby-led Weaning Biscuits

 5/5 Finger Biscuits: Baby-led Weaning Biscuits Nutrinini Finger Biscuits is developed for Baby’s BLW. Finger Biscuits are suitable more than 8 months babies. Selected Ingredients flour, butter, Natural Yeast, cheddar cheese, Brown sugar. WHAT IS BLW? BLW practice helps baby’s developing of the mouth muscles and enhances the language ability. By grabbing food into … Read more Finger Biscuits: Baby-led Weaning Biscuits


 5/5 Wow Wow Rice Puff Made in Thailand Apple Rice Puffs Veggies Rice Puffs Nutrinini chooses one of the special varieties of Thailand, jasmine red brown rice, which is rich in aroma and nutritive value. Wow Wow rice puff contains high quality redient Quinoa and various vegetable and fruit with probiotics.Can be snack to … Read more Wow Wow RICE PUFF

Milk Teething Rusks

 5/5 Milk Teething Rusks During baby’s deciduous teeth growing, causeswelling of the gums, baby upset crying, and wantto bite hard things. Nutrinini Milk Teething Ruskscan help babies to relieve discomfort and helpbaby to exercise the toughness and chewing abilityof the gums,Nutrinini Milk Teething Rusks use high-qualitymaterials from NEW ZEALAND Pure Milk Source. Ireland’s pollution-free … Read more Milk Teething Rusks

Rice-Duck Farming Rice Cracker

 5/5 Rice-Duck Farming Rice Cracker /made in China Nutrinini Rice-Duck Farming Rice Cracker Suitable for babies more than 6 months. With Rice-Duck farming rice and high quality ingredient oat, vegetables, cherry, raspberry, blue berry materials without sugar milk and salt, exclusive baking technology, easy melting in mouth. What is Rice-duck farming Good for young … Read more Rice-Duck Farming Rice Cracker

Chihshang Rice Cracker

 5/5 Chihshang Rice Cracker EASY MELTING IN MOUTH Good for young babies more than 6M Taiwan’s Huadong Chihshang township features the green massif of the Hualien-Taitung Longitudi-nal Valley. Back in the age of Japanese coloniza-tion, Chihshang rice was the tribute to offer to the -Japanese Emperor, thus being called the “Tribute Rice”Nutrinini Chihshang Rice … Read more Chihshang Rice Cracker